Quick Camping Tips // Rules

The following are the ten things you shouldn’t do when camping.

  1. Don’t Light Fire Inside the Tent

Though lighting fire can keep you warm during the cold nights, you shouldn’t light the fire inside the camping tent as you run the risk of burning down your own tent.

  1. Don’t Carry Water in a Leaking Water Bottle

It’s vital to bring with you a bottle of water when camping so as to keep yourself hydrated. However, you should always make sure that the water is packed inside a leak-proof water bottle.

  1. Don’t Feed the Animals

At times, human food is not compatible with wild animals. It’s even more dangerous when you feed these animals using your bare hands.

  1. Don’t go out Camping without Proper Clothing

Always make sure that you have enough clothes to wear regardless of how hot or cold the weather appears to be.

  1. Never Go out Camping without telling your Friends

It’s highly advisable to tell your friends when you are going out on a camping expedition as they may be of great help just in case something bad happens during your camping.

  1. Don’t Cook using your Bare Hands

Always have with you proper cooking utensils and never use your bare hands when preparing food as you expose yourself to getting burned.

  1. Don’t Pitch your Tent Close onto a Ravine

It’s always advisable not to pitch your tent close to or onto a ravine. Pitching on a ravine exposes you to accidental falls.

  1. Never pay for a “good” Deal

When it comes to paying your camping fees, always give the money to a designated official. Never pay the camping fees to unregistered officials or anyone who offers you a good deal.

  1. Don’t Get Violent

Always be nice to everyone around you and don’t get violent towards your fellow campers if you don’t want to get barred or arrested while on vacation.

  1. Don’t Get Lost in the Wild

Always try your best to know your location and stay close to your fellow campers so as to avoid getting lost.

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