Thetford 31647 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Review and Buyers Guide

Going on a vacation or trip is one of the best moments a person can experience throughout their life. It allows them to get a sense of relief with whatever is going on with their life and is a memory that’ll last for years to come. In fact, one of the best and most exhilarating trips a person can go on is a road trip. Some people prefer to go on a road trip jammed pack in their car, whereas others love taking an RV for a more comfortable trip.

Considering most people would utilize an RV on a road trip if they had the opportunity, it’s a fascinating subject to look at. Still, like any other area of concern, there’s a lot to note regarding what you can and can’t do on the RV. More specifically, a toilet on an RV is heavily discussed since people need a reliable toilet while they’re on the road in an RV. With this in mind, we reviewed the Thetford 31647 RV toilet for us to take a look at.

Like countless other subjects, reviews are great for allowing users to take a closer examination at whether or not a particular topic is worth it for them. Since it’s so difficult to judge an RV toilet without actually using one or reading a review, be sure to utilize this in-depth review to help.

We’ll go over the pros and cons of the 31647 Thetford toilet, with a detailed verdict afterward. From there, we’ll go over our RV toilet buyer’s guide, allowing you to take in an abundance of other information related to the subject. Be sure to utilize this information to help you with your decision-making process for an RV toilet; let’s get started!

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Thetford 31647 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Review

Thetford 31647
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Prior to an RV toilet’s actual functionality, people usually look for the overall aesthetic before anything else. As ridiculous as this might sound, a toilet needs to look okay with your RV, but some of you might not care at all. Regardless of this, this RV toilet looks like a standard toilet and doesn’t appear to be flimsy at all like most RV toilets.

Versatility is always a vital factor when it comes to an RV toilet since every RV is different and requires a slightly different set-up from another. As problematic as this might seem, this toilet is surprisingly suited for all recreational vehicles, allowing you to not have any worry with a subject like this.

Functionality-wise, the toilet works beautifully with its single-had system, allowing you to half-flush to add water or do a full-flush to thoroughly flush it. Considering flushing is such a vital part of a toilet, it’s nice to see the system on this one be so straightforward.

The textured lid on the unit felt great and made it feel like a real toilet. If one thing is a commonality with RV toilets, it has to be how so many of them seem to feel like nothing like a toilet. As odd as the toilet texture might seem to be such a priority, I was happy with how well this one felt.

Weight-wise, it was extremely light, allowing you to easily move it and install it wherever you might need to put it in your RV. Having a light weight is always crucial for an RV toilet since it needs to be easily moved a lot of the time.

It has a nice low-profile to it, allowing you to easily place it in your RV without the worry of it taking up too much room. As large as you might be, it should be sturdy enough to hold you, just be aware of scratching it since it scratches relatively easily.


  • Feels like a real toilet and has a great lid to it.
  • Excellent flushing capabilities that work beautifully.
  • Great low-profile to it, allowing you to easily place it in your RV.
  • Very light and easy to move around.


  • Can scratch a bit too quickly.


Overall, it’ll be challenging for you to find a better RV toilet in this price range than the Thetford 31647 aqua magic v hand flush toilet. Although it scratches a bit too easily, it operates beautifully and has everything you could want in an RV toilet and more.

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve finished our review on the Thetford 31647 aqua magic v, now’s the time for us to take an in-depth look at our buyer’s guide for RV toilets. Considering there’s such an abundance of information related to the subject, you might as well take the time necessary to fully understand everything in it.

No matter your opinion on the situation, the more knowledgeable you are on something, the more likely you are to make a better decision buying-wise. As straightforward as an RV toilet might be, there’s a lot to know that you might not be aware of.

Nevertheless, be sure to use this buyer’s guide to help with your entire process, and don’t be afraid to read through the review again to see what makes the toilet itself so great. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by it, but let’s get started on our buyer’s guide regardless of this.

What does an RV Toilet do?

No matter how knowledgeable you might think you are regarding an RV toilet, it’s still vital for us to look at the basics regarding the situation before anything else. For starters, let’s take a look at what an RV toilet is before anything else.

For those who don’t know, an RV toilet is precisely what its name sounds like, a toilet that’s meant for an RV. Besides being in an RV, the toilet itself works very similarly to a standard toilet, aside from how it actually operates after it flushes.

Most RV toilets flush in a similar fashion to standard toilets, although they typically go slower. Still, where the remnants inside the toilet go is entirely different from a standard toilet. A household toilet will flush whatever is in it down the drain into the sewer. In contrast, an RV toilet will send it to the RV’s septic toilet or its own portable septic tank. No matter where it sends it, be aware that you’ll have to dump it safely before it gets too full.

Thetford 31647 Aqua-Magic V Toilet

Do All RVs Need a Toilet?

If you don’t mind stopping all the time to go to the bathroom as you would with a standard toilet, technically, no, you don’t need a toilet for your RV. Still, if you can manage to get one for your RV, it can be very beneficial for you in the long run to have.

On the other hand, some RVs will come with a toilet already installed in them, whereas others won’t. If yours doesn’t, that’s where the RV toilet above can come in handy for you to install it and get a bathroom going for your RV.

Besides that, some people will replace their current RV toilet with a more solid RV toilet, such as the Thetford 31647. If you can manage to buy and install it, it can definitely be beneficial for you in the long run if it’s a significant upgrade over your current RV toilet.

What to Look for in an RV Toilet

Like anything else, there’s a lot to look at when it comes to what you should be aware of in an RV toilet. Considering there’s so much attached to the subject, it’s best to label what you should look into to help you figure out which one is best for you. Let’s do precisely that.


First and foremost, you should take a close examination of how the functionality of your RV toilet is. Basically, be aware of how you should empty it, attach it, and how it actually operates with its flushing. Once you can go through all of that, you’ll get a good idea if the toilet is right for you or not.


No matter how much money you might be willing to spend, we all have budgets, and it’s essential to look at the cost associated with an RV toilet to see what’s most reasonable for you. Generally speaking, $100 to $200 should be more than enough to get you an excellent RV toilet, but don’t be afraid to spend more.


The weight of an RV toilet is significant since it needs to be light for you to actually install it. You also don’t want it to be too heavy since it can cause an abundance of weight on your RV, which is never that great of an area to look at in this regard. On the other hand, the heavier the RV toilet is, the more durable it tends to be.

Last update on 2021-06-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


We hope you enjoyed our review and buyer’s guide on the Thetford 31647 RV toilet. Be sure to read through this review and buyer’s guide again to help you take a closer examination on the matter moving forward with what RV toilet is best for you.v

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