Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Review (+3 Things We Loved!)

Every year more and more people hit the road in their RVs or Campers. RVs are increasing in popularity as many people search for the ideal place to work and play. Whether you live in an RV full time or use one for a few trips throughout the year, your living space needs to be comfortable and functional. With such a compact space, finding equipment that is both easy to use and enjoyable to use can be a challenge. Especially in the bathroom. This is why we choose to make post our Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V Toilet review.

Thetford is no stranger to the RV toilet market. With over 50 years of experience in RV-related products, if you own an RV you probably know the name, Thetford. Whether it’s holding tank maintenance and equipment or RV toilets, Thetford has a long history of providing quality products. How does the Aqua-Magic V stack up in Thetford’s long line of RV toilets?

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The Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V is a toilet specially built for compact spaces like RVs and campers. It’s made of heavy-duty plastic and weighs just over four kilograms keeping your hauling weight low. It advertises a more home-like design for maximum comfort with sacrificing the compact design that will fit most campers. This toilet utilizes a single pedal flush design that flushes and rinses the bowl in a single push of the lever. A full-bowl flush is said to keep the entire bowl clean and free of debris, but does this toilet flush the competition?

Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V Toilet Review
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For people who are new to owning an RV or only use their RV occasionally, a simple upgrade or replacement is ideal. The toilet is incredibly easy to install making it perfect for casual RV users or those just looking for an easy setup. The toilet is secured to your RV’s floor with two bolts and connected to your water supply with a single hose. In just a few simple steps, your Thetford toilet will be ready to use.

Single Pedal Flush Keeps the Bowl Clean

The Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V toilet utilizes a single pedal to flush and rinse the bowl. Unlike earlier models, the 31651 toilet has a full bowl rinse feature. This feature is meant to keep the bowl clean and dispose of waste quickly and effectively with nothing left behind. The single pedal is incredibly easy to use, and the increased water pressure does clear the bowl.

A taller base makes for a more comfortable seat

One of the most common complaints about RV toilets is that their compact design often leaves users feeling too close to the ground. The Thetford toilet is designed with a taller base for a more comfortable seat without sacrificing its compact design. The added height to the seat makes getting on and off the toilet easier. With its home-like design the Aqua-Magic V feels comfortable to use for long periods of time.

This Toilet Feels Sturdy

Although made of plastic, the Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V feels incredibly sturdy and secure. The base and bowl of the toilet do not feel flimsy at all and the overall construction makes the toilet feel like one solid piece. Sitting on this toilet feels secure and the user is supported well. The seat and lid are also very sturdy, adding to the overall quality of the toilet. If Thetford were really trying to make their Aqua-Magic V feel more like a toilet in a traditional home, the sturdiness of the plastic does most of the heavy lifting.


With a bowl that’s only 6 inches deep, the Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V may leave your bathroom a bit wet. When using the toilet, the shallowness of the bowl may reflect some of the liquid and splashback at the user. It is also an unpleasant experience when sitting on the toilet. Its shallow bowl may have you reaching for a towel when finished.

The shallow bowl also causes some splashing issues when the toilet is flushed. The combination of the shallow bowl and high-water pressure can splash and spray water across the room and all over the floor. If the pedal is pressed too forcibly, this issue worsens by spraying water out of the toilet bowl and on to the floor.

Small Bowl and Seat Size

In keeping with its compact design, the seat of the toilet is a little under a foot in length. This is a bit smaller than traditional home toilets and if you have a bigger backside or are just a larger person in general, this toilet may leave you feeling uncomfortable. The seat is also a bit narrower than a traditional toilet so many users may feel uncomfortable when sitting on the toilet for a long period of time.

Connection Issues

In some cases, the water intake valve has been reported to disconnect from the toilet causing quite a mess. The connection between the toilet and the hose is a valve held in with plastic and glue. This valve has been reported to break off rendering your toilet unusable. If you are looking for a long-term highly reliable toilet, this may not be the one for you.

Last update on 2021-06-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


The Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V RV toilet is perfect for beginner to moderate RV enthusiasts. With its easy installation and overall comfort, this toilet is perfect for folks who use their RVs on the weekends or for a few trips in the summer. Consistent splashback issues could be annoying but can be mitigated with the right technique. Possible failures in the intake valve and hose make this product an unideal option for hardcore RV users.

If you live in your RV and use the toilet often, this may not be the toilet for you. If you are a larger individual, you may find a better fit with a larger toilet or by adding a toilet stand. Overall, the Thetford 31651 Aqua-Magic V is a compact and comfortable toilet that gets the job done efficiently and effectively with a reasonable price point.

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